For a country like Belize that has a lot of islands and a lot of aquatic tourist destinations, traveling via land all the time is impossible if you want to see a lot of the islands, coral reefs, and atolls. If you choose to stay on land, you can only appreciate from afar some of the country’s most prized aquatic possessions.

That’s why we have the water taxis for that purpose. These water taxis will enable you go to get practically any place off-shore that is part of Belize’s jurisdiction. This includes remote islands, atolls, and similar other places that are off the Belizean mainland.

You can also choose to get into any of the fixed-destination rides that are organized by The Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association. It runs fast open boats from the Marine Terminal in Belize City to either San Pedro or Caulker every hour and a half. Traveling from Belize City to San Pedro takes roughly 75 minutes, whereas the travel to Caye Caulker will take you 45 minutes. Trips between San Pedro and Caye Caulker are also available. Some of the water taxis also fixed rates for travel between particular islands, though they only run a few times in the day or even in a week.

Riding on a water taxi is an inexpensive way of getting around the country. Instead of taking a luxurious ferry ride, why don’t you just ride a water taxi instead and get more up close and personal with the wonders of the Caribbean? Surely, there are a lot of surprises out there that are just waiting for you and your travel buddies to discover.

For more information about the water taxis of Belize, please refer to this website. From there, you can also look at the schedules and book water taxi tickets in advance. They are pretty much in demand, so I recommend that you book early in order to avoid the difficulty of finding an available water taxi when you are already there.