Water & Sewage Services

All cities, towns and major villages are connected to water storage and distribution systems. Five areas of the country utilize underground aquifers namely Benque Viejo Town, San Ignacio/ Santa Elena Town, Corozal Town, Orange Walk Town and Punta Gordo Town. Three systems- Belize City and surrounds, Belmopan, and Dangriga Town- Utilize surface water (rivers), and one system in San Pedro purchases water from a water purveyor.

There are two (2) tertiary treatment facilities in Belize City and San Pedro (facultative lagoons plus maturation systems), and one (1) primary treatment facilities (settling tank and sludge drying beds) in the City of Belmopan.

Water and sewage services are primarily provided by the national company, Belize Water Services limited (BWSL). BWSL provides water for both residential and commercial use to the urban and surrounding areas of Belize. BWSL is also regulated by the Public Utilities Commission.

If a water distribution pipe is available within 30 ft. (9 m) of the property boundary, BWSL will connect a customer within 7 days following the completion of the application process and the payment of the deposit and connection fee. If permission is needed to carry out the works from the municipal authority, the seven days commences immediately upon receipt of the required permission. Where a water distribution line is not available within thirty feet of the property, and the property is located within BWSL authorizes service areas, the customer, after completing the application process and payment of application fees, will be notified within seven days as to when the required works will be completed.

If the property to be connected is outside of BWSL’s authorizes service area, the connection will be subject to the planned and budgeted expansion included in the company’s five year business plan. The customer will be required to pay to pay the application deposit and connection fee, as well as an infrastructure charge.