Belize is a splendid country which was once named as British Honduras. This beautiful country is situated in the Central Americas Caribbean Coast and is known for its natural beauty. The most curious fact about Belize is that it has the second largest barrier reef globally. The long barrier reef of 185 mile includes three coral islands and all the three islands are great locations for Snorkeling, diving and fishing. Various kinds of landscapes and topography are located in the mainland; the Country’s north end is a flat plain which consists of shallow soils and it gives support to tropical hardwood forests.

There are an ample number of beautiful islands and barrier reef situated in different parts of Belize. The most eminent are Caye Caulker and Ambergis Caye where tourist can directly access the awesome blue Caribbean seas. There are numerous other Cayes and atolls that are situated behind the reef and provide home for marine wildlife and birds.

Ambergis Caye is situated at just 20 minutes from mainland. It is a splendid location to visit because it includes exotic beaches which are all covered with white powder sand and crystal clear water surrounds it from all the side.

This great island is a paradise for food lovers. The incredible mixture of societies has turned the cuisine of the country special. You will get awesome dishes like a plate of rice and beans, different Spanish foods which are filled with seafood like conch and Mexican Antojitos. You will also get a chance to pamper your test buds with the wonderful lobsters and other sea fishes.

Belize is a magnificent subtropical heaven with many bestowed natural areas. This country is one of the most inexpensive places to visit as the cost of living is very low. There are a huge number of tourists from the US and UK visiting every year to enjoy the beauty of this country.