Roads and Highways

Presently, the major highways in Belize comprise of: Philip Goldson Highway (Belize City to Corozal border with Mexico), the George Price Highway (Belize City to the Benque Viejo Del Carmen border with Guatemala), the Hummingbird Highway (Belmopan to Stann Creek District), and the Southern Highway (Stann Creek to the Toledo District.


Driving in Belize is conducted on the right- lane of the roads; speed limits are 55 mph (88kmph) on the high- ways, and 25 mph (40kmph) on most other roads. Buses and private vehicles are the main mode of transportation in Belize; no trains operate on Country. Seatbelts are mandatory.

Sea Sports

Belize Port Authority Act (Chapter 233s) 2003

Belize has two (2) sea ports, namely:

  • Port of Belized Limited- Containerized and Break Bulk cargo
  • Big Creek Port- Banana, Citrus, Petroleum


Port of Belize Limited, Belize City

The main port (Port of Belize Ltd) is located in Belize City, the economic hub of the country. The port of Belize Limited owns and manages the Belize City port facilities. It was established in 1978 md privatized in 2002.

Port Facilities:

The Port of Belize Limited facilities include a domestic port (low berth) that services the local islands with two (2) break water facilities, 500ft. (150 meters) finger pier, a draft of 6ft. (2 meters) and 4000 sq. ft. (1.212 sq. meters) of warehouse space. The access channel tot eh port is 2.86 miles (4600 meters) long and 393 ft. (120 meters) wide with a total land mass of 308 acres, inclusive of existing port and future expansion.



The Port provides services such as pilotage, cargo handling and storage, container handling, loading and un- loading of vessels, stevedoring services, reefer and security among other. The Belize City port handles various types of cargo, but priority is given tp containerized vessels.


Service Fees:

Port of Big Creek, Stann Creek District

The port of Big Creel was established in October 1990 to facilitate the exportation of bananas. The Big Creek Port is the first privately owned port in Belize where vessels are docked alongside the mainland. The port has ‘International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities (ISPS) Certification and adheres to ISPS Codes for the handling of cargo and the security of vessels. It facilitates the export of three of Belize’s major export earners: Petroleum, Citrus and Bananas.

The port is comprised of a buoyed and dredged channel 0.9 mile (1.5 km) long, leading into the creek and a quay of 550 ft. (167 meters) with a depth of 22 ft. (6.7 m). The channel has been dredged to a depth of 23ft. (7 meters) for the first 0.9 mile (1.5 km), and 22ft. (6.7 meters) thereafter. A channel with a width of 207 ft. (63 m) has been created to permit only one- way ship movements. The port currently occupies 5 acres of Land; however, there are over 600 acres of land available for expansion.

The port provides services such as unloading and loading of fresh fruits, containers, and general cargo, and has available warehouse facilities and equipment (forklift and cranes) for hire. The port is currently serviced by two (2) shipping lines: Fyffe’s from the United Kingdom and NCW shipping from Mobile, Alabama.