Amazing Natural Destinations in Belize

Belize offers a great opportunity to everyone who visits the country to enjoy the extreme beauty of nature. This wonderful place is filled with palm trees, small tropical islands, coral reefs, flats and the Caribbean Sea. The Mayan ruins, tropical forest, caves, banana plantations, Jungle Rivers, orange groves, jaguars groves, grapefruits groves, tapirs, hibiscus, dolphins, deer, tapirs and many to list to say about the attraction of this destination.

The Cayes and Barrier Reef which runs the entire length of coastline of the country is the second longest one in the world. You get the opportunity of snorkeling and scuba –diving. This destination is also lined with many small islands. The Atolls, which is the three mid- ocean, are the spectacular one and it holds many cayes. This has the unique formation of reef and small islands surrounding saltwater lagoon of mid ocean. The Atolls are sparsely developed and you can enjoy the adventure and privacy with your family and friends on your visit.

The Cockscomb basin an other natural destination of Belize holds forest reserve and sanctuary. This is the huge area well protected and comprises of forest and rugged mountains. The sanctuary is designed for protecting and helping the researchers to study jaguar and world cat. This destination is also the home for four wildcats and Baird’s tapirs, tayra, deer, anteaters, armadillos, kinkajous, peccaries and many other species of birds. It is said about 300 species of birds are found in this Cockscomb basin. The crooked tree wildlife sanctuary is the swampy lowland and home for 250 species of birds. This is also the resting spot for those migrating species. This is the nesting site for jabiru stork which is the America’s largest bird.

Rio Bravo Conservation Area of northern Belize is the mixed tract of yield managed forest, virgin forest. This is the home for about 400 species of birds and 200 tropical trees species. This also supports cat species and also the best place to spot jaguar. There is an extensive caves network in Belize which is considered to be Mayans. Rio on pools is another attracting natural destination of Belize.