About Belize

Belize is located in Central America just south of the Yucatan Peninsula. Home to the Mayan civilization and settled later by the British, Belize is an English speaking country containing a wonderful mix of several different cultures working together in a tropical oceanside environment containing savannahs and lush rainforests.

The People

When visiting Belize, tourists find a mix of many different ethnic cultures including: Creoles, Mestizos, Indigenous Maya, Mennonites, Garifunda/Garinagu, East Indians, Chinese, Hispanic and European.

The economic status of this diverse population varies considerably from area to area. In urban areas of Belize City, one can see large palatial homes just blocks away from much poorer neighborhoods containing chickens and turkeys roaming the streets. Many people in the rural areas do not have electricity or running water and continue to farm using methods passed down from their ancestors.

The U.S. Department of State reports that the average per capita income in Belize in 2005 was $3,650. For the same year in the United States, the average per capita income was $34,586 in 2005.

Services, including tourism, agriculture, Belize real estate, agro-processing, forestry and fishing account for the majority of the gross domestic product.  The top 5 export commodities are sugar, citrus concentrate, apparel, bananas and seafood.  Tourism is an important developing sector with visitors arriving by cruise ships in Belize City and flying in to stay at the many coastal resorts in northern Belize

Labour Force

The 2010 Population and Housing census revealed that the population was at 312,698, up from 204,204 in 2000. Even with this increase in population, Belize remains one of the least densely populated countries in America.

Of the Country’s total labour force (130,717), 100,537 are employed, with 32.47% of workers in the Belize District (42, 443). The following table, give a clearer picture of the country’s labour force. See statistics for further break down or visit the website of the statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) atwww.statisticbelize.com