Ambergris Caye

Off mainland Belize in the western Caribbean, lies Ambergris Caye, 25 miles long and three miles wide. With white sandy coconut palms shaded beaches and lush tropical forests.

The most popular tourist destination in Belize, the island is ideally located for visits to the many Caribbean attractions for which Belize is famous.

Once a fishing village, Ambergris Caye is becoming a top resort location. Ambergris Caye real estate offers everything from bakeries to galleries featuring local artisans, clothing boutiques to appliance stores.

Ambergris Caye Belize:

Ambergris Caye is a renowned fishing destination for fly fishing, deep sea fishing, and reef fishing. Snorkeling and diving is also a very popular activity as Ambergris Caye is bordered by the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Ambergris the place to be.

Fresh Caribbean seafood, abundant tropical fruits, and island’s Mexican and Creole influenced dishes, are offered through Ambergris Caye.

Enjoy a meal at five star restaurants with indoor and outdoor dining. Or venture into one of the many island night clubs and bars alive with pulsating music and dance the night away.

San Pedro is a barefoot community, slow paced, casual andwelcoming.  English is the official language of the country.

Wherever you go, you can’t help notice that every face is a friendly face – every hello is sincere. The Island of Abergris Caye – home to our island paradise.